Regarding Amazon’s Kindle Fire…

There’s only a few things I would say.

First, Google, not Apple, should be very, very concerned about this development. Amazon has basically taken Google’s engineering resources / output and said “thank you for your free work, we’ll take it from here.” How many times did Amazon mention Android in the device description? Does the device look at all like an Android device? Does it offer any Google services by default? Will Google have to pay to be the default search on a tablet that was designed using Google software (think about the irony in that)?

Second, this leaves most other tablet vendors still scratching their heads about what to do, and this is the best example of asymmetrical competition. I would elaborate, but John Gruber had this excellent paragraph from his post that sums is nicely already:

Attack from a position of strength. Build on your previous successes. That’s what Apple does. That’s what Amazon is doing here. The other guys — the Samsungs, HTCs, Motorolas, RIMs — can’t match Apple’s hardware design, don’t even try to match Apple in terms of original and differentiated software, and struggle to match Apple’s prices because they don’t have the economy of scale advantages Apple does. Those guys can’t match Amazon either, because they have no content to sell. Amazon can give away the razor because they’re already in the business of selling blades. The other guys don’t even have blades to sell.

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  1. Here, I think one of the biggest problems is that Amazon uses barely the framework of android, and drop the online content of market that Google originally bond with android.

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